Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, a fun-loving but serious guy, is host of the RTS Radio Show podcast, a frequent contributor to the Indy Radio Factor podcast (with host Sean John), and writer of the RTS Radio blog. Additionally, he has spent the last five years working in professional radio in the DFW area.

He has always been interested in the United States system of government and has been an avid follower of American politics since his first vote in the 2000 Presidential election. This interest has led to his becoming an informal student of America's founding documents and researching to determine exactly what the framers intended when they set down the United States Constitution. He has even read the entire Federalist Papers! He is currently researching and writing a book on the topic. His mission is to help bring all of his fellow countrymen and women (regardless of political affiliation) together in a true understanding of how the Constitution and the American system of government is meant to work.

Outside of the political world, Ryan works as a musician and producer and has worked with a number of Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award winning individuals as well as creating his own music. Additionally, Ryan is a librarian in a major city library system that has aided in development of his research skills necessary for finding the solid information that he uses in his blogs and podcasts.

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